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What is this learning tour?

No upcoming events at the moment

Driven by a Contemporary Narrative guided by Lutheran education essential practices.

Approximate Cost - $800 including ground transport, 3 nights accom and breakfast, workshop fees at schools and tour dinner. Note that this amount does not include flights or other transport to and from Melbourne. Accommodation will be booked by us and flights must be booked by your school.

The world is constantly changing and currently we are seeing changes in the way the world works, the way people engage, the changing workplace and the requirements for people to be productive and happy in the contemporary world. Much educational research, educational organisations, oecd, unesco, governments, influential figures, industry and educators are thus calling for a radical shift in the way schools school and the way we see learners learn.

There is thus a call for students to have opportunities to highly develop contemporary soft skills  so that they can be relevant and happy in the world they live. The research and success stories around the world shows that the focus should not be of content driven schooling supported by standardised testing but on more experiential based pedagogies supporting the growth of skills such as critical thinking, natural curiosity, collaboration, deep empathy, entrepreneurship, innovation, resilience, grit etc.  It is with this call that these learning tours are guided.

We all understand that changing the furniture or building alone does not bring about effective change in contemporary agile learning. This contemporary learning tour will include focussed work at the completed Innovative Learning Environment and Teacher Change (ILETC) Project, Melbourne University concentrating on Knowing your People, Storyboarding the Journey and Shaping the Habitat. Pedagogy, Culture, Physical environments and Project Based Learning will all be explored. This focus will be enhanced with visits to Lumineer Academy at Williamstown, Luther College, Good News Lutheran College,  Templestowe College, a walk through Academic Street at RMIT Melbourne and tours of Xplor  and Hayball Architects. 

Overall we also look at contemporary experiential pedagogy, learning design, future planning of school design, agile workplace culture and other versions of contemporary learning environments K-12.

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